The Ultimate Email Marketing Tool


Along with every growing business, the marketing methods are also improving. New tools are being involved to market any business direct to the customers. Among all marketing tools, email marketing has been a great choice for business marketers.

When you start doing marketing of a business you need to communicate with a number of people of different categories continuously. But keeping track of every contact and sending the appropriate product details or scheme is quite tough.

To make this tracking and maintaining of emails a website has been developed namely Snovio. This amazing tool of email management is perfect for the business marketer. This tool makes the process of email marketing very easy and category specific. This website offers various important services, let’s know about them.

The Ultimate Email Marketing Tool

Domain email search

This great tool helps to find any email with its domain name from any category. This tool benefits you by searching the exact mail you want. You can find the email id of a person with the domain name. Simply it’s an easy email search tool which helps to manage emails and contacts.

Email verifier

This tool helps to verify the abundant and invalid email addresses in bulk or individually. This will help to increase your email reputation score and will also promote your email delivery rates. Will protect you from getting in contact with spammers and fraud.

Email drip campaign

This is an extraordinary tool for email marketing. This tool helps to send emails to targeted people. It also helps to send follow up emails. Categorises different target audiences for different purposes and manages the email sending process smoothly.

Email tracker for Gmail

This efficient tool will let you know either your mail has been opened or not. Generally, after sending an email, we get to know that the mail is delivered but this tool will tell about the actions of the recipient of this mail.

Professional email search

If you are finding profiles to hire as an employee then you must use this tool. It helps to save LinkedIn profiles so that you can find the email id of an exact candidate when you need it. This will help to pitch the right candidate quickly. You can also use the Email Finder to find the emails of businesses related to your product.

Technology checker

This unique tool helps to find out which technology has been used by which website. It can benefit you if you are finding the same technology for your website. It also increases the knowledge about different techniques and also guides you to use the right technology for your website.

All these amazing features are offered from this unusual email marketing tool which not only helps to promote your business but also to manage the email sending and finding processes. This is a highly beneficial tool for business all sizes. The amazing matter of fact is that most of these services of Snovio are free of cost for lifetime. That means you can enjoy managing your emails in no cost or a very less cost. Don’t you think this makes a great choice for business marketers?

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