Utopia P2P Ecosystem – Multi-Purpose Encrypted Tools Set

Do you realize you allow the invasion of privacy every time you use instant messengers and communication apps? The commonly used services monitor your interactions, collect the data about your device. Some of them have access to your contact list, camera roll, and record calls. Disillusioning, isn’t it?

Data brokers and corporation sell the data set on individuals for a considerable amount. Internet marketing campaigns influence your mind, because they built your portrait from digital behavior. How to stop web espionage and cyber criminality?

Utopia p2p ecosystem provides its users with a rainbow of option to transfer data securely. A daily arsenal for communication, e-shopping, and business employs advanced encryption – learn the details below!

How does Utopia p2p ecosystem protect users online?

Utopia is a self-enclosed environment that consolidates basic online arsenal: uMessenger, uMail, uWallet, Idyll browser, Mining bot. What is unique? Users got rewarded every 15 minutes for using the service (unveiled following), and all the listed tools can be organized on one window. The main selling points are:

  • Sophisticated encryption. Swift Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES protect all operations and in-built storage. uMessenger and other tools are encrypted by default opposite to the well-known communication apps.
  • Anonymity. Registration never requires a phone number, email, address, and even name. A unique key working similar to a QR-code serves as a user nickname.
  • No central server. Utopia never handles private info and never stores it due to decentralization. Sided companies won’t access secret files and messages.

Let’s dig into Utopia tools – how to use it?


uMessenger reminds of a regular instant messenger you can use from a computer, Utopia for mobile is on the way. Mixing all the listed above privacy principles, this messenger can be used for:

  • Save file-sharing. The messenger supports popular files extensions, so you are welcome to transfer files and keep them in storage.
  • Personal communication. Sticker packs and games allow users to interact funnily.
  • Working environment. Due to advanced security and Hybrid Mode (holding chats, emails, contacts at the same time on the desktop) the messenger is an advantageous tool to discuss company plans and accountancy eliminating data leakage.
  • Blogging. Channels are convenient to share unbiased news and running a blog on Utopia. Group chats are encrypted by default too.


The in-house mailbox allows you to send and receive letters within Utopia. The email service is suitable for work, thanks to Templates. Develop a pattern for common letters to rush the correspondence!


Transfer coins, shop in crypto or use the merchant interface! The domestic wallet is the all-in-one financial center. View the balance while communicating!

Idyll browser

It guarantees the secure page surfing within the Utopia ecosystem. Moreover, you can design a website on Utopia without a specific knowledge – try it right away!

Mining Bot

Run the Bot to get Cryptons (domestic coins) 4 times an hour. The number of devices is not limited as like your income!

All in all, we hope you got enough reasons to join the privacy-conscious community right now. Download Utopia for the desktop to transfer data anonymously and got rewarded for that!

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