What We Learned about the Next-Generation Smartphone Galaxy S8

What We Learned about the Next-Generation Smartphone Galaxy S8 : For all readers, geeks and non-geeks alike, this week has seen a tsunami of rumours, some credible and some not quite so, news and views about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. Today we pause and look back at what we have learned. News however keeps trickling in. Today we learned that Samsung is planning to include the next generation Qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprint reader on the front side of the phone, tucked away beneath the surface. This new scanner works on all surfaces including glass and metal and uses 3D fingerprint scanning in place of the 2D scanning already in place in Apple’s smartphones.

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What We Learned about the Next-Generation Smartphone Galaxy S8

This technique enables the user to muddy his hands, or make them wet and still use the scanner, because the 3D scanning will not only depend on the unique fingerprints we all have, it will scan the whole part of the finger one uses whilst unlocking the phone. This will make the phone extremely secure. Apparently, this technique is being touted as the Snapdragon Sense ID, and will give Apple’s Touch ID and Samsung’s proprietary fingerprint-ID solutions provided by Synaptics a run for their money.

What We Learned about the Next-Generation Smartphone Galaxy S8

What We Learned about the Next-Generation Smartphone Galaxy S8

Apart from that snippet, we can safely confirm a brief compendium of points that will summarise the new Galaxy S8 design. First, we can confirm that the phone will have an edge to edge display. The phone will have a bezel-free design.  A super AMOLED display with 2K Ultra HD resolution is reasonable to be expected. The bezel free design will allow for a slimmer phone, allowing Samsung to be more courageous and innovative while marketing it. Upon using the display, the images will roll over and disappear over the edges, retaining a unique display identity. Second, the phone does away with the physical home button completely.

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The entire experience will use a rapid combination of taps, gestures and nifty handling of the phone. The fingerprint scanner that we mentioned above is naturally buried underneath. Third, we are to witness the most revolutionary year in processing technology in 2017, if only from the business side. Expect the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, the next gen chipset to power the Galaxy S8.  This 10nm-process manufactured chipset will support wireless charging in the form of QuickCharge 4.0. This new technology could see a complete refuel of the battery in 30 minutes flat.

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Fourth and this is an important point: Samsung is introducing Viv, its virtual personal assistant. Expect Viv to be quite a sensation, as it has been developed by one of Apple Siri’s former developers. The Viv could be a tipping point for South Korean giant Samsung, who will hope to make it big in the European markets as well Viv goes up against Alexa by Google and naturally, Apple’s Siri. Finally, we can kiss the 3.5mm headphone jack goodbye, as Samsung looks set to use aType C-USB port for both charging, should the user desire, as well as the headphone jack. This comes at a time when Apple has done away with its headphone jack as well. Will the Samsung Galaxy S8 match up to the Apple iPhone 8? We will watch closely as events unfold.

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