Why Online Simple Contact Forms Are Good for your Business

If you want to stay in touch with your customers and increase your customer base, it is important that you create clean self-explanatory simple contact forms online that are easy to fill. Rather than spending time and money learning HTML, PHP, or CSS to create ‘contact us’ forms from scratch, you can simply use an online form building platform to create contact forms.

These forms help you in maintaining a huge customer base by not only giving them an avenue to reach out to you but you can also gather user feedback more efficiently. Based on such feedback, you can improve your business strategies and make more meaningful decisions.

Why Online Simple Contact Forms Are Good for your Business

Tips to Create Efficient ‘Contact Us’ Forms

There are several ways in which you can easily create a simple contact form. When you use these online form building platforms, there are some things that you can keep in mind to make sure these forms are super effective. For instance, you should try limiting the number of field in a contact form to 15 while requesting a quote or a follow-up call. Make sure that you do not add irrelevant blocks and give customers the option to opt-in, in case they want to provide more information.

Make sure that you stand out by customizing the text on the ‘Submit’ button. Make sure that you put in ‘Registration’, ‘Request a Quote’, ‘Contact a Representative’ options so that people can click on them. Use only two-three words in the button name to avoid overloading the user.

Also, plan the structure of your ‘contact us’ form and choose the required fields: name, address, email, phone, text fields, radio buttons and so on. The online platform takes care of the layout, field validation, and other fill-out hints. You can also customize your contact form by adding your company’s logo and using colors that appeal to your customers.

Online platforms for making ‘Contact Us’ forms

Fortunately for you, there are several online form-building platforms out there that help you in creating these forms. These ‘Contact Us’ forms can form come in multiple templates and layout, so you can either choose them or customize one for yourself.

You can also share the links to these ‘Contact Us’ forms through email or social networks and then let the online form builder collects the responses on your behalf. You also do not have to worry about coding, or integration issues because these online form builders create the HTML-codes automatically. You can easily embed these forms on your WordPress site or paste directly to your website.

In fact, one good example of an online form-builder is AidaForm which is free and user-friendly. AidaForm also helps you to export emails to MailChimp from newsletter databases and set up targeted email marketing campaigns. Thus, the data from ‘Contact Us’ forms can be utilized more effectively. AidaForm also helps you to create GDPR-Compliant Contact Forms. Thus, you get to legally store all the data, while also getting to choose from multiple fonts and colors while designing the forms.

So use online contact us forms today and see your business grow!

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