Xbox 2: Features and Release Date

Xbox 2: Features and Release Date Microsoft has been extremely overwhelming whenever it comes to its gaming consoles. The original Xbox which was introduced into the markets in the year 2001, acquired innumerable positive responses from the users and since then there was no looking back for Microsoft. Xbox Ones was the last gaming console under the flagship, and it came in a smaller as well as sleeker version which featured the intriguing 4K Blu-Ray and 4K video streaming along with HDR. And after the immense success of the device, the expectation level from the upcoming Xbox 2 has gradually soared higher. Microsoft is known for giving an outstanding outlook to its consoles. Therefore the upcoming console of the flagship is also expected to sport a first-rate design which would grab many eyeballs.

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Xbox 2: Features and Release Date

The Xbox 2 is expected to be launched somewhere around November 2017, but there hasn’t been an official confirmation on it. However, speculations are at rife regarding the upcoming console by Microsoft, and it is said that the device might sport a true 4K gaming experience and is highly expected to come up with a more advanced teraflop than its predecessors. A 6 teraflop GPU processor might be introduced for the Xbox 2 which is surely going o be quite a good news for the gamers.

Xbox 2: Features and Release Date

Xbox 2: Features and Release Date

Reports also say that the upcoming console by Microsoft is going o be VR compatible and if the virtual reality feature in the console turns out to be true, then the gamers would have a lot to look forward to the Xbox 2.
The storage capacity of any console is highly important for a gamer and if looked deep into the specifications then it is highlighted that the Xbox 2 is going to feature a massive internal storage space and there would be three variants of the console out of which the normal one would sport a 500 GB storage capacity, and the other two would feature a 1TB and 2 TB of storage capacities.

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It has also been said that Microsoft is not planning to scrap of the backward compatibility from its upcoming gaming console as well. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the Xbox 2 would also feature the backward compatibility. And reports have also shed light on the fact that the games which would be compatible with Xbox 2 can be played in Xbox One S as well.

By taking a dig into the speculations which are at rife, it seems that the Xbox 2 would have a lot in store for the gamers which would be highly overwhelming for them. Nevertheless, nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but the gaming console is surely going to be more powerful than earlier consoles by Sony.

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