Xiaomi Mi Launched VR Headset in India For Rs 999

Xiaomi Mi Launched VR Headset in India For Rs 999 : Chinese smartphone maker company Xiaomi on Monday launched its entry-level VR (virtual reality) headset ‘Mi VR Play’ and live-streaming ‘Mi Live’ app in India. It is an improved Google Cardboard VR headset and comes in a two-way zipper design, which makes it easy for users to put in their smartphones.

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The Xiaomi Mi VR Play headset can be used to watch any Virtual Reality content along with 360-degree videos on YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms.

Xiaomi Mi Launched VR Headset in India For Rs 999

The company also launched its Mi Live video streaming app in India which will host local content. The headset will be available starting December 21. It is made of Lycra material and offers anti-reflective lens. It can accommodate phones of sizes between 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch.

Xiaomi Mi Launched VR Headset

Xiaomi Mi Launched VR Headset

“‘Mi VR Play’ is an entry-level product that seeks to bring the VR experience to a much wider audience. ‘Mi VR Play’ is set to make a huge impact in India where VR is still in its infancy,” the company said in a statement.

The Mi VR headset is a very basic VR headset experience, and there’s also a Mi VR companion app which has 3D movies, 2D or gaming applications that can be watched on the same. Xiaomi says the Mi VR Play app is Google Cardboard compatible and gives users access to the library of videos and apps on Google Play as well. The Google Cardboard app is also consistent with this VR headset.

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Mi VR Play app is not officially listed on the Google Play Store, and the website has a QR code which can be scanned to download the app.

From Cardboard camera to the 360 videos on YouTube, the Mi VR headset does what some of the other cardboard-based headsets already offer in the market. Except this one comes with Xiaomi’s Mi branding, and supports a lot more display sizes that some of the other headsets in the market. Xiaomi has not confirmed when the Mi VR headset is going to be back in stock on Mi.com.

The Mi Live app India’s first live streaming app which will have locally sourced content; it will also support a new VR feature that allows users to view VR content in the app.

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Xiaomi is known for launching more than just smartphones in China; from the Mi, NoteBook Air to bicycles to Air Purifiers. The company is slowly expanding its range of products in India as well and the Mi AirPurifier 2, Mi Band 2 are available in the market along with Mi-branded other accessories

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